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Hike Japan

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Together with greeting Ojigi
Learn basic greetings! "Hello" "Thank you" "Excuse me" challenge in the bow!
Different meanings depending on the angle of the bow , you know? ?
Hi 15°
Thanks to 30°
I'm sorry 40°
The right way escalator in Tokyo
Osaka is a left side, but I wonder world standard.
I heard from a Westerner , Japanese escalator handrail is low ...
100yen shop !!
ImageYou will be able to buy a lot of souvenir in 100 yen shops.
When I saw this shop, Please go into . I recommend you ^^
How to eat noodles
When eating noodles , please eat with a sound.
That way, we hear the delicious XD.
Temples and homes, Never Without shoes!
Have a good look around people :)
salary man are reading a comic
salary man are reading The weekly comic magazine in the train .
Japanese manga is very famous, why not buy as a souvenir ??
In the Restaurant , you must pay Accounting on the cashier
ImageUsually, no waiter for each table
Do you think , is this kindness or unkind ??
By the way, Basically do not need to pay chips
There are a lot of drinks vending machines
First you should not be put money into a vending machine.
Vending machines want to have money XD.
In the winter , there are hot drink
There are many convenience stores in Japan
You can buy most things at convenience stores during the 24 hour.
When you cross the pedestrian crossing,Please Look right, look left, look right ,,,
Be carefull !!!
Suddenly, a car is coming from the opposite direction.

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