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[COVID-19] Regarding NTA's office closure from 2020/04/09 - 2020/05/06

In the progression of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Japanese government issued an emergency declaration to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus(COVID-19) infection. During the following period, office work will be suspended:

Thursday, April 9 - Wednesday, May 6

Accordingly, only emergency responses will be provided for the time being.

We appreciate your understanding.


Get charmed by the magic flair of this world-metropolis where ultramodern live style and century old traditional culture mingle. Visit spots like Akihabara, the center of Manga production, the area around Sensoji full of down town atmosphere or Harajuku, where the youth culture originates.


Start in Gion, the town of the Geishas, to take a laizy walk along the Kamogawa river, to visit the uncountable old temples and shrines of this international capital of tourism. In one of the many traditional Japanese gardens the feeling of the four seasons can be peacefully enjoyed. Experience traditional Japan in various festivals around the year like the Aoi festival or the Jidai festival.


Okinawa is a popular with tourists from Japan and abroad alike, as it offers an agreeable subtropical climate and a unique traditional culture. The scuba diving in the coral reefs of clean sea of Okinawa is excellent, as well as the traditional Okinawa cuisine and the Awamori (Okinawa distilled rice wine) are a class of their own. Forget the time and heal Your heart in one of the resort hotels.
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